April Fools

I told the children that it was April Fool’s day. Aaron ran upstairs and returned with scissors and a roll of black duct tape.

Miriam brought down little chairs from her bedroom, and stacked boxes filled with little socks and t-shirts on the seats. “Sno-cones! Get your sno-cones here!” she called.

I went to pick up my phone and found it taped to the table. When Brian woke up and emerged from our bedroom, he was greeted by strips of sticky-side-up tape on the hallway floor.

Two hours later, Miriam, from the downstairs bathroom: “WHY IS THE TOILET TAPED SHUT?!?”

Day 1 Conservative Couch to 5k Training Notes

  • It was raining, so I went to the rec center. I am grateful that there’s a pretty awesome rec center two minutes from my house.
  • I like how quiet the rec center is at 8:30 am on a Tuesday. Lots of senior citizens walking, cycling, and drinking free coffee together. I found the scent of hazelnut wafting up from the coffee machine very comforting.
  • My phone does not have a headphone jack, which I didn’t realize until I was ready to start walking . (Actually it does, but it was hidden by my armband and early-morning stupor.) “Luckily” there is music provided by the overhead speakers.
  • Anyway. Walked for 5, jogged (sort of) for 5, walked for 5, stretched, walked with intention for 10, walked slow for 5. Nice way to start the day.
  • Also, I love these shoes.